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So instead of making a bunch of lame facebook status’, I figured I would just put all the things I am loving right now in one big shout out!  Then I want you to comment and let me know what you are loving right now as well.  I mean it would be greedy for you to not share with the class.

~ California Pizza Kitchen’s freezer pizza with appetizer.  So I heart pizza.  I really do.  I worked at Domino’s for 5-6 years and ate it almost every shift I worked and I am still not tired of it.  I would and could eat it everyday.  Most freezer pizzas suck.  They taste fake and nasty and it’s a waste of calories.  I have found two freezer pizzas that are actually Delish!  First Newman’s Own brand.  It’s all natural and it tastes real!  Second the one mentioned before, the California Pizza Kitchen.  Their pizzas are great, made with real ingredients so it tastes fresh.  And now they come with appetizers!  Last night I tried the Sicilian pizza with the spinach-artichoke dip with pita slices to dip.  Um, yum.  No, really it was so awesome and good.  I wrote them to tell them how great it was.  I want another one right now but don’t feel like running to the store.  LOL  At Wal-mart they are price just under $7, so that’s a good deal for an app and a pizza.

~ Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce–  Again, all natural ingredients.  Tastes like you made it yourself.  Thicker, which I prefer.  Other brands seem runny…bleck, I want something to stick with my pasta!  Also at Wal-Mart it’s priced cheaper than the other name brands!  AND it’s all natural!!  So I know I am not getting HFCS in my sauce and I can save some $$, sounds like a win win to me.

One more blurb about Newman’s Own, they donate their profits to charity.  Great food helping a good cause.  Again- winning!!!  (and no I am getting nothing from Newman’s Own for saying all this, I just really love them!) Another lil side note, Paul Newman was a handsome looking man. 😉

~The book, Night Road–  Just finished reading it and want to read it again, right away.  Sad story, I cried three times and I am not one to cry easy.

 ~Tousle Me Softly, finishing touch cream– Works great with my hair.  While it’s not as good as Sunsilk’s Waves of Envy was, it’s a good substitute.

 ~Scentsy’s Peach a la mode– Smells delish.  Not too sweet, not too overpowering, just YUMMY!!!!  It’s the scent of the month so 10% off. (if you would like to help Ephraim’s Buddy Walk team you can place an order here )

~Super hero’s- in the form of our US Military and our first responders.  I can not imagine what they face daily and what their families go thru.  I am thankful for those who step up to the plate for us.

~This blog– How Sweet It Is.  She posts awesome recipes!  I have gotten many  faves from here.  She also has me trying things, I normally wouldn’t.

~Chicken and Parm lasagna–  This recipe came from the blog listed above.  It’s so good that no lie, when I open the oven door to retrieve this beauty, I actually mutter out loud “hello lover”.  Hi, my name is Erica and I am addicted to food.  I love it so much, that I speak to it.

~Muse Undisclosed Desires–  Makes me turn up the radio and jam out.

~ Awolnation Sail–  It’s quirky and I like it.  Another one that I blast on the radio.

Ok I have many more, but will save those for another post on another day.  So like I said before, please do share what things you are loving right now. :)

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  1. Ok I will be the 1st person to bravely share some things I’m loving…………

    1. My new little man, Logan. He has stolen my heart & I can’t get enough of him. I was worried about having a boy but I can’t imagine it any other way now and he is only 6 weeks old.

    2. Kiera. She is an awesome big sister to Logan & a great mommy’s helper. She is so good at entertaining herself when Logan is taking up a lot of my time. I try and make sure to set out special time with her each day though so that she never feels left out.

    3. Pineapple! Its my favorite fruit and satisfies my sweet tooth every time. I have a major sweet tooth too so that is my healthy alternative.

    4. My iRobot Roomba. It has been my lifesaver since Logan has been born b/c I don’t have time to vacuum sometimes and it picks up all the surface dirt for me.

    5. Aldi’s grocery store. Grocery prices are rising (even trash bags are higher now then the last time I bought them) and Aldi’s has really helped me lower our grocery bill. They have eggs for $0.89 (& the inside of the carton has a Bible scripture on it) They also have cheap milk, toilet paper, paper towels, fruits, etc.


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